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Changes to Google Drive

Posted on 6th October 2017

Firstly, don’t be alarmed if you see headlines online that state Google is killing off it’s Google Drive service, it’s not.

Instead it’s slightly tweaking the Windows and Mac desktop clients, and the way they work in 2 different ways. One for home users looking to backup their files, and one for Businesses looking to share data.

For home users, the Google Drive client is replaced with Backup & Sync, which doesn’t differ much from the old client - but does allow you to back up other folders from your computer and not just the Google Drive folder.

Simply download and install the new client from the Google website, which will automatically uninstall and replace the old Google Drive application.

The existing Google Drive client is going end of life on December 11th 2017, after which the client will still work until March 2018.

For Business users, you have the option of Backup & Sync as above, as well as a new program called Drive File Stream. However, you must decide to use one or another, as both can’t be used side by side.

File Stream lets you download and open files on demand, so all data stays in the cloud and is no longer downloaded and sync’d onto every PC. You can also access Team Drives from the desktop client, which you can’t do in Backup and Sync.

I use Google Drive for my own personal information under a business account and just downloaded the new Backup and Sync client.

It replaced the old software automatically and basically it's business as usual. The nice addition to the Backup and Sync software is now I can include any folder on my Mac. So it's no longer limited to the Google Drive folders.

We’re keeping an eye on further updates from Google, however if you do currently use Google Drive then please feel free to call in to discuss the changes and the steps you will need to take before December 11th 2017.