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Disaster recovery is essential for any business

Posted on 6th May 2016

In today's office environment, so much critical data is stored across so many systems that keeping it all archived in one place may seem a daunting prospect. The good news is that adopting an online backup service for your business data, customer and parts databases, spreadsheets, essential documentation, emails and other files is something we at Tekkers IT Solutions set up regularly.

If you don't have a coherent, unified backup system in place then your data, and the company itself, is at risk from a range of threats. For a start, any office is a target for theft of systems, leaving your workers without PCs. However, with an online repository, you can get back up and running within a day or two. A more serious threat is fire and flood, which can leave your company homeless. Using our disaster recovery options, we can help get your new systems operational and up to date, either in a new temporary office, if your staff can work from home, or by exploring an alternative solution.

The other major threat to business data comes from the internet and cyber threats. Many thousands of businesses are targeted at random daily by malware and scam emails. It takes just one user to open one of the latest ransomware threats and your business data will be bundled up, encrypted and held to ransom for a sum of Bitcoins or cash. While the criminals try to make sure the sum is one that your business can afford (while happily taking larger organisations like councils, hospital trusts and enterprises for millions), many can't pay. If you have a regular online backup, there's no need to pay. We can help remove the malware and reinstall your archived data rapidly, and educate your workers about this type of threat and how to avoid falling for it in future.

With these and other risks like accidental deletion by a clumsy worker and hard drive failures, there is no excuse for any office not be without disaster recovery and business continuity solutions installed. Cost efficient and saving you needing expensive local servers, we can help your business sail through any such disasters and continue to operate with the minimum of disruption.