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Email Security

Posted on 10th December 2018

Let's talk about email security.

Every business should have email security in place to stop dodgy emails getting into your system.

We use a product call Mimecast and have been for the last 7/8 years. Mimecast stops malicious emails getting through from the outside of your system, before they have chance to get inside; Therefore having a greater chance of blocking them. For example, the same way bouncers stop unwanted visitors getting through the front door, stopping trouble getting inside. Email protection stops the 'unwanted visitors' getting through your businesses front door. Because, by the time they have got that far, it's too late.

Cyber Security Check

If you had no protection, malware can enter the system and start encrypting data and at that point it's useless, you can't do anything. You'll then have to rely on your backups, your anti-virus and any other malware products you have in place. Plus, you'll have to rely on your users to hopefully not click on the dodgy emails, making the right decision that that’s a malicious email, and then even if they do open them, you're hoping that anti-virus protection is good enough.

There is absolutely no doubt that you shouldn’t have your email protection covered. You must have some form of email security in place. Don’t just think because you are using Office 365 or Gmail, that you are covered. They do have some sort protection, but it is by no means as good as email protection products that are currently available. That kind of protection won't stop the level of malicious emails coming through businesses nowadays.

Pretty much all email protection products will give some false positives. They will block an email that shouldn’t of been blocked, and will also let a dodgy email through that shouldn’t have made it's way through. You're never going to find one that will give you 100% blocking of malicious emails, it's just not going to happen. There is just too much coming through nowadays. Mimecast quotes they,

"Block 99% of spam with only 0.0001% false positives and                          100% anti-malware protection"


The development of malware is happening at such a fast rate, that some will slip through, regardless how much protection you've got in place. Even with email protection, they can still slip through. It's worth keeping that in mind when picking an email security product.




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