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Upgrading to a Dell 49" Ultrawide Monitor

Posted on 19th September 2019, by Pete Matheson

This is probably quite a unique upgrade, coming from a perspective that most won't.

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Beware of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

Posted on 23rd August 2019, by Pete Matheson

If you are about to have a broadband or Internet connection installed under the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme, then read on. Because you may not actually be saving any money. 

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Microsoft End of Life Products for 2020

Posted on 21st August 2019, by Pete Matheson

Something which all businesses need to be aware of are the end of life dates for Microsoft products. 

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How much does Outsource IT Support cost?

Posted on 31st July 2019, by Pete Matheson

This Outsource IT Support Costing and Pricing guide is designed to help you develop and initial budget, as well as plan for the costs associated with Outsourcing your IT Support.

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Microsoft Server Licensing Differences for Virtualisation

Posted on 23rd July 2019, by Pete Matheson

A question that's regularly asked by our customers is what is the difference between OEM and Volume licensing, and which one should they purchase when they're purchasing their new server equipment.

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IT Discounts for Charities

Posted on 18th July 2019, by Pete Matheson

Did you know, that there is a stunning array of discounts available to charities? 

In the IT industry, it is little known that a small number of organisations exist who can provide anything from just a little discount, to a completely, 100% free product or service.

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4 Easy Steps to Spot Fake Emails

Posted on 1st July 2019, by Glyn Balsdon

When you think of email, two thoughts tend to come to mind: essential business communication, and junk email.

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What makes us different?

Posted on 5th June 2019, by Pete Matheson

Today I wanted to talk about what makes us different to all of the other local IT companies out there. 

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Huawei Bans and what it means for UK Businesses

Posted on 4th June 2019, by Matt Chesters

Last week, following an executive order by Donald Trump baring trade with foreign telecoms companies, the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security added Huawei to its 'entity list' [1] [3]. Restricting it from selling equipment in the U.S. and from doing..

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Charities: Tips to save you money

Posted on 14th May 2019, by Pete Matheson

 A lot of charities may not be aware that they could be saving thousands on computer software and hardware.

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