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What is crypto locker and why do I care?

Posted on 30th March 2015, by Pete Matheson

We are seeing increasing reports of Cryptolocker infections, one which did the rounds last year however it seems to be making a comeback.

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New Offices

Posted on 26th February 2015, by Pete Matheson

Another year on and Tekkers have again moved offices, this time in to a much bigger space that should last us a number of years. We now have a number of meeting rooms, a separate build area for new customer equipment, and much improved kitchen and toilet facilities. Also, for..

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Critical Windows flaw

Posted on 13th November 2014, by Pete Matheson

Emergency patch issued for 19-year-old bug

Microsoft have released a number of emergency patches to address a recently discovered bug, which is present in every version of Windows since Windows 95.

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We made it! Again!

Posted on 10th October 2014, by Pete Matheson

I'm proud to announce that we have just passed our third financial year of trading as Tekkers IT Solutions, hooray!

To say that I am grateful to everybody who has been a part of making Tekkers IT Solutions a success would be an understatement. It is thanks to everybody, that we..

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Hampshire Superfast Rollout for Businesses?

Posted on 22nd August 2014, by Pete Matheson

Are you lucky enough to be in a Fibre connected area?

Getting a good broadband connection can be a tricky thing for some businesses.

Hampshire County Council are in the process of rolling out Superfast Broadband to 90% of the county before 2015, check here to see if you are..

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How to Spot a Phishing Email

Posted on 3rd June 2014, by Pete Matheson


What are phishing emails?

Phishing emails are messages which are designed to steal your identity. Requesting personal data which can then be used to gain access to your online accounts, including bank accounts.

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Welcome to Matt Chesters

Posted on 5th December 2013, by Pete Matheson

A huge warm welcome to Matt Chesters, who has recently begun working for Tekkers IT Solutions on our support desk.

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Christmas 2013 Opening Hours

Posted on 29th November 2013, by Pete Matheson

Please see below for our 2013/2014 opening hour over the Christmas and New Year period.

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IT Service Migration during a Management Buy Out

Posted on 24th June 2013, by Pete Matheson
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Snow work?

Posted on 24th June 2013, by Pete Matheson

As we wake up this morning to find either a dusting of sparkling snow in our gardens, or a snowfall serious enough to stop you from opening the door – many businesses have been asking the same question.

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