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A beginner's guide to on-site and remote IT support

Posted on 12th April 2016, by Matt

There are two ways to deliver IT support: on-site and remotely. On-site support is the more traditional method, and (as the name suggests) involves IT experts attending your business in person to offer direct assistance. In contrast, remote support involves allowing IT experts..

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Why Do I Need Online Backup?

Posted on 18th March 2016, by Pete Matheson

Finding a trusted resource for your online backup is not just important for your day-to-day business, it can be crucial insurance that your business will keep operating even if the worst happens.

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Apple Denies the FBI's Requests to Unlock Terrorist's Phone

Posted on 4th March 2016, by Pete Matheson

The world has been abuzz with discussion about tech giant Apple, which recently received a request from the United States government to create a workaround to Apple Encryption. This workaround would give the FBI access to the iPhone owned by the perpetrator of the recent act of..

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DL380: 4 Must-Have Features of the New HP Server

Posted on 26th February 2016, by Pete Matheson

The most recent HP DL380 server was released in 2014 to wide-spread success. Small and large businesses throughout the UK are embracing this scalable solution. In fact, it's become one of the best-selling HP servers on the market. The newest model, the Gen9, was completely..

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MDM - mobile device management made easy with Meraki

Posted on 19th February 2016, by Pete Matheson

While we work with other MDM systems, we suggest Cisco's Meraki to our clients because we believe they deserve the best solution in the marketplace.  Meraki takes enormous burdens off your information technology staffers. 

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The Importance of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Posted on 12th February 2016, by Pete Matheson

According to an article in Computer Weekly, UK businesses lose 300,000 hours and £2bn per annum because of IT downtime. And Workspace reports that surveys show that 60% of small businesses that lose their data fail within six months of the disaster. 

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Why Businesses Are Turning Towards Hosted Telephony

Posted on 5th February 2016, by Pete Matheson

It is well-known among businesses that telephone services are incredibly interwoven with our day-to-day lives. Inasmuch, it is becoming increasingly common for businesses to turn to hosted telephony, using a private branch exchange (PBX) within their corporation. This is a lot..

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BYOD, the Security Risks Associated, and Mitigation

Posted on 29th January 2016, by Pete Matheson

In the age of mobile devices, perhaps you have already considered BYOD and the security risks associated with them. BYOD has obvious benefits in terms of employee satisfaction and cost, especially if the employees are purchasing their own devices. That said, especially if..

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Warning over email security

Posted on 11th December 2015, by Pete Matheson

We have recently been made aware that there has been an unprecedented increase in the amount of targeted email attacks on businesses. These attacks are at an all-time high, and are becoming more successful as attackers come up with more sophisticated methods.

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Christmas 2015 Opening Hours

Posted on 10th December 2015, by Pete Matheson

Please see below for our 2015/2016 opening hours over the Christmas and New Year period.

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