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Top 6 Tips To Prevent a Data Breach

Posted on 22nd May 2018, by Elliot Bath

It's all over the news on a weekly-basis; another possible data breach of your credit card numbers, where you love to shop or how many times you've watched cat videos. Although most of these data breaches are about a user's personal data, it's important as a company to know..

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Hey! Where's That Email?

Posted on 23rd February 2018, by Elliot Bath

Recently, one of our customers had an issue with sending mail out. Their customers would come back to them over the phone angered that they still hadn't received that invoice or quote.

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How to check and setup an SPF record

Posted on 15th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

Here is one for all marketeers! SPF Records are the key to ensuring that your emails are not ending up in junk or spam by the time it reaches your recipients inbox. 

Follow this article to learn how to check if you have one, if it's set up properly and if not - we go through..

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How to employ rockstar IT Support staff

Posted on 12th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

Are you looking to recruit your next IT superstar? Or perhaps even your first member of IT staff... 

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Pros vs Cons for Employing IT Support

Posted on 12th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

This guide is designed to present both Pros and Cons when looking to employ IT support staff.

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What makes a good IT Support Company?

Posted on 11th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

IT Companies are typically six of one, half a dozen of the other - in that there are more than plenty of average IT companies out there and only a handful of really good, reliable and trustworthy ones. 

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Why should you Outsource IT Support?

Posted on 11th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

In this article I wanted to cover off the pros and cons when looking to Outsource the IT Support role in your business. 

It's an age old discussion - is it better to employ someone, or to look towards a third party IT Company to provide IT support? 

There are of course many..

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Key Information needed when changing IT Providers

Posted on 11th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

Changing IT providers can always be a worrying time, however please don't be too concerned! 

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How to get the best out of your IT Support

Posted on 10th January 2018, by Pete Matheson

Employ your own IT Staff, or do you Outsource?

Regardless of whether you employ your own IT staff, or whether you have decided to outsource your IT needs to an external person or company, there are a few rules which I highly encourage you to follow to ensure you get the very..

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Meltdown and Spectre Flaw Update

Posted on 9th January 2018, by Elliot Bath

As you may be aware, a story recently broke surrounding exploits found in all major processor brands. 

“Meltdown” affects every processor manufactured by Intel since 1995 (with a couple of minor exceptions) and although there are no direct links, ARM has also introduced..

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