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Ready, Steady, Go! We’re Live!

Posted on 13th October 2017

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned a number of times already in previous editions of TekkTalk, we’ve been spending much of our time looking at our support process and how we can consistently deliver the very best level of support that we can.

All of that work has now culminated in launching our new, monthly support plans.

These plans step away slightly from our previous thinking of providing a fixed number of hours to you each month, then billing anything going over this, instead shifting the focus to an all-inclusive and easy to budget for Per User Per Month price, which is something we’ve had a number of our customers ask for in recent years.

So our new Support Plans have been born - with the creative names of Silver, Gold and Platinum (I couldn’t think of anything better!)

The below table summarises what’s included in each and ‘From’ price for each plan.

Essentially we have 3 tiers.

Silver - For those who just want a ‘plain and simple’ support service. Problems happen, we fix them.

Gold - For those who wish to have a more proactive grasp on their IT with regular IT Reviews, as well as improved SLA’s.

Platinum - The highest tier of performance. Almost instant response SLA’s, longer support hours and including access to our 24x7 On-Call service.

Fun Fact - I noticed a local IT firm promoting how proud they were to have 90% of their SLA’s met. I’m not sure quite why you would advertise that you can’t actually meet your SLA’s - but each to their own!

In almost 7 years of business, we’ve never breached an SLA.

That’s a good statistic to advertise!

Finally we now have a formal 24x7 Support offering.

For those who wish to subscribe to the On-Call service you get access to our On-Call engineer outside of working hours with a 2-Hour response SLA.

In the event your servers had a disaster over a weekend and you need to ensure your staff are all working by 9am the next morning, this is for you.

With these changes, I hope that our Per User Per Month pricing for support is a nice, simple way for you to budget when calculating staff costs, along with the initial costs of purchasing their computer, phone, training materials etc..

Do get in touch if you’d like to discuss these new plans as above, otherwise enjoy the last few weeks of summer as the rain seems to be settling in recently!