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Remote monitoring and smart hardware will prevent downtime

Posted on 22nd April 2016

The best story that comes out of modern small business IT support is our ability to prevent disaster from happening. In the past, IT only came on the scene when the hard drive had failed, the screen had gone blank, the virus was taunting users or the network had decided not to function. However, with the rise of smart self-monitoring hardware and remote monitoring tools, many IT problems can be identified and resolved in advance of a critical failure.

Modern, fast, SSD hard drives, motherboard temperature monitors and network health monitoring tools are all invaluable for small and mid-sized businesses that can't afford their own full time IT staff. With many businesses increasingly dependent on their IT for services, providing information and selling to customers, we can step in and help. Thanks to the benefits provided by the hardware and a remote monitoring service, your company can ensure its data is archived and backed-up, that it has enough storage for its growing information needs and that, if a hardware problem is going to occur, it can be addressed in advance.

Tekkers IT monitors your IT in real time for potential issues and problems. This means we can be on-site with a replacement hard disk for your server or accounting PC, before the current unit has chewed up your invoices. We can also monitor data backups to completion and alert you if there is ever a problem. While backing up may sound like the most menial of data tasks, with data being kidnapped and held for cyber ransom on a daily basis at businesses around the world, having a daily valid backup will help mitigate such a disaster, or physical damage to offices like fires or floods.

Being able to get back up and running the next day could save a company a fortune in revenue, and even save it from going out of business. And, with low-cost service pricing you don't need to hire in-house support who will usually only be needed when things go wrong. These services along with server installations for growing businesses, connectivity and telephony are all available along with IT support for Hampshire and Sussex, with local offices to provide all the expertise, advice and help you need.