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Why we turned off our Google Adwords

Posted on 3rd August 2017

For the last 2 months here at Tekkers, a lot of my focus has shifted over to Improving what we already have.

We have Customers and we have Staff, which are all
great, and we could carry on pushing harder for more customers, which in turn results in more staff, and
keep the wheel turning more and more.

But last month I actually turned off our Google
Adwords campaigns.

Now don’t get me wrong - It’s not that we don’t want new business, actually most of our new business comes via referrals from you, our existing customers. (Thanks by the way!).

It’s actually because I wanted to shift my focus onto how we could improve the services we already provide.

And that’s exactly what we’ve done.

Renewal Fees have now been abolished! No longer will we charge you our administrative fee for processing a renewal.

The only exception to this is for any renewals requiring additional work, such as registering or installing licenses.

An investment in documentation ensures we have every client’s IT networks properly documented.

Customer Feedback has had a massive overhaul, which has taken us from receiving one survey a year (literally, one a year!) to getting around 50 pieces of feedback every month. Fantastic.

And the improvements will continue…

Our Online Backup service is about to receive a huge overhaul with a much better service and more options for customers with both a small and large amount of data.

Our Support Agreements are going to be simplified to a ‘Per User Per Month’ pricing basis.

Lastly, our Out of Hours service is going to become formalised so we can guarantee
our availability outside of our normal hours.

Whilst we have never missed a support call out of hours, I know that some would prefer a more formal arrangement.

So there are plenty of things going on in the background here as we try to constantly improve and innovate.

As always, if there’s anything you think we could be doing better then please do let me know, so we can ensure your feedback 10/10 every time ! :)