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Zap Away with Zapier - Automate your business processes

Posted on 15th August 2017

I’ve been a long time user of something called IFTTT (If This Then That), an online service ( which lets you get different devices to talk to each other.

It allows for some very simple tasks to be completely automated, for example - when I add a new contact on my phone, look them up
on LinkedIn and send them a request to connect.

It’s also fairly heavily integrated with my other hobby, Home Automation applications. I use Life360 to keep track of My wife and I (yes, she knows that I track her - and she tracks me!) and using IFTTT I can do all sorts of what I see as ‘Cool things’. When I leave work or when I’m just parking up at home, it can send a text to let Erica know where I am.

But that was where it generally stopped. It was very personal, and not much good for businesses.

Enter Zapier.

Up until very recently, I have always ignored Zapier - I knew it was there, but I thought it was just another IFTTT service. How wrong I was!

Zapier integrates with pretty much every business app and CRM system out there. It links in with Office 365, Google, Wordpress and pretty much every Social Media and CRM system available.

The list of ‘Zaps’ which you can create is pretty much endless - and I’ll list what I currently have set up to provide some examples!

Zap 1 - Social Media Posts

I use an app on my iPhone called Feedly, which lets me browse loads of news articles. If I find something that I want to share under the company account, I simply tag the article in the app, and Zapier pulls this through to our social media application - Meet Edgar. This is probably a good thing.

Zap 2 - Customer Feedback

We’re a big user of Slack, a messaging app that lets all of our staff communicate with each other, either via direct messages or through various channels. We have channels set up for things
like Technical Chat, Alerts, Company Announcements, IT Glue for our new documentation software. This Zap pulls through every single piece
of feedback from our customers and communicates with our staff any feedback provided, instantly.

Zap 3 - Customer Feedback #2

We’ve started using something called Fomo on our website. (Google ‘Use Fomo’). Fomo pops up a little message every few seconds or so to advertise that something has happened. That could be a product purchase, someone registering for an event, or in our case - a customer providing feedback.

Zap 4 - CRM Contacts

This handy one pulls any new customers on our CRM System over to our Customer Feedback tool ( then sends quarterly customer feedback surveys which are…. You guessed it, pulled straight back into Slack via Zap 2 above!

Zap 5 - SLA’s

Our inboxes are already very busy with plenty of emails. So we’ve recently changed how we’re alerted to any tickets that haven’t been picked up as quickly as they should. Our ticketing system can send an email,
so this Zap receives the email and sends it through to Slack (our favourite message app) to notify all our team here that a ticket needs picking up ASAP.

Zap 6 - Calendly

We’re just about to start using this on our website. Calendly lets website visitors book a phone call directly into our calendars, or alternatively request a phone call ASAP.

This Zap adds the calendar appointment directly into my Outlook / Office 365 calendar, and sends a message to our Alerts channel in Slack.

And that’s as far as I’ve got so far - but there are plenty more available integrations and tasks that you can automate using Zapier.

If a contact is added in one system, and then you are having to manually remember to go and copy them / create them in a separate system then this is a no brainer for you to go and set up!

I’ve even used the list of Integrations to go and discover new apps out there online which could be really useful. Check out Pipedrive if you have a sales / lead process that needs systemising and automating - that looks really neat.

Maybe this could be of help to you?